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WEBINAR NOTE: China Pakistan Economic Corridor and Central Asia: Evolving Connectivity.

  Over a period of about 500 years, from 750 A.D. to 1250 A.D., Central Asia producedsome of the world’s finest minds and its workshops produced exquisite goods thatwere recognized and traded across Europe and Asia.During this period, Central Asia benefitted from...

Kashmir Solidarity Day Conference.

‘Promotion and protection of human rights is a global responsibility which the international community has failed to discharge in respect of the Kashmiri people.’ This was a unanimous view expressed at a Conference in Lahore today (February 5 2020) organized by Lahore...


Lahore Center for Peace Research (LCPR) hosted a roundtable meeting on: “Regional Security Situation in the Context of Traditional and Non-Traditional Threats”, at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore on February 1, 2020. The meeting was attended by an Italian delegation...

1st Intra-Afghan Roundtable; Islamabad

As part of the ‘Lahore Process’, Lahore Center for Peace Research (LCPR) organized an intra-Afghan dialogue roundtable at Serena Hotel Islamabad on January 14, 2020. The Lahore Process for Intra-Afghan dialogue involving the leaders of the Afghan political parties and...

LCPR hosted a Roundtable Meeting on Bilateral, Regional and Global Matters of Common Interest with China Foreign Affairs University

LCPR hosted a Roundtable Meeting on Bilateral, Regional and Global Matters of Common Interest with China Foreign Affairs University

International Conference On Kashmir Ankara (Turkey)

“There is but one fair, just, legal and moral solution to Kashmir, which was provided by the United Nations acknowledging the right of the people of Kashmir to determine their own future through an impartial plebiscite under the UN auspices.” This was the message that...


The Lahore Center for Peace Research (LCPR), located in Lahore (Pakistan) is an independent, non-profit, organisation dedicated to the cause of peace, regionally as well as globally. Pakistan has many reasons and assets to be recognized as a responsible member of the international community. The LCPR was established pursuant to an idea conceived by a group of Pakistani think tanks to serve as a catalyst in clearing misperceptions about Pakistan through quality research and evidence-based advocacy and analysis. The Center’s primary focus will be to enhance the understanding of Pakistan’s role and relevance in the cause of peace and stability in the region and at international level.

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2nd International Conference for Global Peace

Emergence of Inter-Regional Cooperation: Shaping Path of Stability and Prosperity

27 April 2019 – Istanbul, Turkey

Titanic Downtown Beyoglu Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

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To contribute to global peace and stability, Lahore Center for Peace Research combines research, analysis and advocacy to inform the general public, practitioners and academia. LCPR provides policy perspectives to the national, regional and global decision-makers to respond to some of the most critical challenges in foreign affairs, security and related issues.