Conference Theme: “Emergence of Inter-Regional Cooperation: shaping path of stability and prosperity”.

Lahore Center for Peace Research (LCPR) organized 2nd International Conference on Global Peace (IGCP) in collaboration with Turkish think-tank, Center for Strategic Studies of South Asia (GASAM) in Istanbul. The conference brought together many scholars, international experts, and diplomats in the city.

Chairman LCPR Mr. Shamshad A. Khan said, peace and development go hand in hand, and nothing can pave the way for peace and security more than economic development by adopting inter-regional cooperation. He said CPEC is not just a developmental project of bilateral level, adopting an approach of inter-regional cooperation Afghanistan, Central Asian land locked states, Iran and India can be beneficiary of CPEC. He highlighted the significance of vigorous campaigns at global level to resolve the long-standing questions of Palestine and Kashmir in accordance with UN Security Council Resolutions.

The Conference participants emphasized that Asia must capitalize on its own resources and reclaim its role as a balancing factor in the world affairs by carving out a new niche for itself in the global geo-political matrix. Asian states must rise above the sub-regional mode and concentrate on a common Asian cause by concerting their policies on issues of global relevance. It is about time to rise above their differences and resolve conflicts through dialogue and diplomacy and built a legacy of peace for future generations.