Lahore Center for Peace Research (LCPR) hosted a roundtable meeting on: “Regional Security Situation in the Context of Traditional and Non-Traditional Threats”, at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore on February 1, 2020.

The meeting was attended by an Italian delegation comprising of Professor Andrea Margelletti, President of C.e.S.I., Mr. Gabriele Iacovino, Director of C.e.S.I., Ms. Francessa Manenti, Senior Analyst (Asia), C.e.S.I  and Mr. Franco Coco, advisor to the Italian ambassador in Pakistan. The meeting was also attended by Shamshad Ahmad, Chairman LCPR, Dr. Mujahid Mansoori, Executive Director LCPR, Lt. Gen. (R) Javed Hassan, Director Pak-Turkey Studies Center, University of Management and Technology (UMT), Lt. Gen. (R) Nasir Janjua, former National Security Advisor (NSA) and Mr. Khalid Sherdil CEO Urban Unit.

In the opening remarks, Chairman LCPR, Mr. Shamshad Ahmad Khan said that Pakistan and Italy have had cordial relations in the past and they have convergent interests on various issues. President of C.e.S.I., Professor Andrea Margelletti who is also advisor to the Italian government on Security issues said that the world today is increasingly becoming bi-polar where we may see US and China as two poles and there exists a potential of escalation of clash of interests. He further added that both Italy and Pakistan can play a positive role in stabilizing the situation and Pakistan can see Italy as its strategic partner in the west. Gen. (R) Javed Hassan commented on the significance of the geo-politics in context of the interests of the superpowers in the South Asian region. Gen. (R) Nasir Janjua said that post World War II order has got degraded the global superiority is again under a delusion. Geo-politically it is under a paradigm shift. So, in such a situation, all of us are taking different sides or making corrections or making adjustments. The former NSA also said that Pakistan is a great country of future and so is Italy. He urged that both countries should come closer to do better and give better to the world.

Ms. Francessa Manenti floated an idea that the Italy and Pakistan have the potential to go for  joint ventures of trade and commerce and proposed that the two countries can produce a product bilaterally and sell it to a third market that can be Central Asia or South Asia. Mr. Franco Coco added to the point of potential for joint ventures between Italy and Pakistan that the Italian style suit he was wearing was made up of Italian fabric but was stitched by a Pakistani tailor. Mr. Khalid Sherdil also stressed upon enhancing economic and cultural promotion to strengthen the ties. He said Italy and Pakistan may be geographically far away from each other but they have a strong linkage through history and culture.

Mr. Shamshad Ahmad, Chairman LCPR, in his closing remarks said that both Pakistan and Italy need to enhance mutual cooperation on various regional and global issues. The meeting ended with signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between LCPR and C.e.S.I.